Date of Wiladat (birth): 1160 H.
Date of Wafaat (demise): 14th Rabiul Akhar 1200 H.

A descendent from the privileged lineage of Maulai Bharmal (QR.) Syedi Ismailji (QR.) was known for his austerity, piety and knowledge.

Such was his benignity and reverence that when Syedi Ismaiji (QR.) and his revered father Syedi Abdo Moosa Kalimuddin (QR.) passed through the lanes of Jamnagar and Kutch area, Mumineen and non-Muslims used to gather around both Sahebs and supplicate for blessings.

Syedna Abdul Tayeb Zakiuddin (RA.) married his daughter Fatema Aai Saheba with Syedi Ismailji (QR.) in Jamnagar.

In 1199 H the Dai while performing Nass upon Syedna Yusuf Najmuddin (RA) in Burhanpur honoured Syedi Ismailji with Tarteeb after Syedi Qamruddin (QR.) and granted him Laqab of Badruddin. Later he was sent for Dawat purpose to Panchmahal district. During the time of departure the Dai caressed the back and chest of Syedi Ismailji (QR.) predicting Syedi Ismailji's (QR.) martyrdom. With his erudition he was able to counter many a dissident with reason and proofs and exposed their devious activities and inspirations.

Accordingly, after concluding Dawat affairs in Godhra Syedi Ismailji (QR.) proceeded towards Dohad. On the way, Syedi Ismailji (QR.) while praying Namaz was attacked with an arrow by a Bhil and thus fell down while calling aloud "Allah o Akbar!" He pulled out the arrow with one hand as he bled profusely. Mumineen on hearing his shout immediately rushed to his aid. After some time he left for heavenly abode.

Address Mazaar S.Ismailji Saheb,

Dawoodi Bohra Musafirkhana,
Godhra - 389001,
Telephone 91-02672-243537


Taherabad - 125 kms
Baroda 80 kms
Umreth 55 kms
Khambhat 150 kms
Ahmedabad 140 kms
Dohad 75 kms

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