34th Dai-al-Mutlaq Syedna Ismail Badruddin Bin Mulla Raj(R.A)
Date of Wafat(Death) : 23rd Jamadi-Ul-Akhar 1085 AH.
Duration of Dawat : 19 years, 7 months and 14 days.

It was 1065 Hijri and Syedna Ismail Badruddin RA  the 34th Dai al Mutlaq, was at the helm of dawat.
Syedna Ismail Badruddin RA  was born in Nagar in the year 990 H, the first dai from the house of King Bharmal who embraced dawat at the hands of the early emissaries sent by the Imam AS . Syedna Ismail Badruddin’s RA  father, Maulaya Raj RA  presented him to Syedna Dawood bin Qutub Shah RA , the 27th Dai al Mutlaq in khumus. Syedna Dawood RA  nurtured and tutored him and prepared him for the position of Dai al Mutlaq.
Syedna Isamil Badruddin paid off the debt that dawat had incurred during the reign of Syedna Qasim Khan Zainuddin RA . The administration of dawat in Nagar and its outskirts, Kutch and Junagar was entrusted to him. When famine and drought hit Ahemdabad, he had grain transported from Nagar to feed the deprived.
Syedna Ismail Badruddin RA  describing his khidmet of dawat said, “I have not gained the position of Dai, but after striving in the service of dawat, in wealth and person. If wealth could be exhausted by overspending, then I would be poor. If the limbs of a man could be worn out in the worship of Allah and the khidmat and ta’at of Awliyaullah AS then my head would be reduced to my neck, and my legs would be reduced to my knees. I have spent everything in the khidmat of dawat, and the khidmat of seven Duat Mutlaqeen AS ” . He made a pledge that if ever the throne of Dai should come to him, he would feed the students who came seeking knowledge. When Syedna Ismail Badruddin RA  ascended the throne he initiated the tradition of the safra. He died at the age of 95 in Nagar, but three hundred years later, his legacy lives on. In Al Jamea tus Saifiyah, today, hundreds of Talabat partake of the barakat of safra in the saya of Syedna Mohammed Burhanuddin TUS .


Syedna Abdut Tayyeb Zakiuddin (R.A)
12 th Zilqa’datil Haram 1110H. Jamnagar

Syedna Abdut Tayyeb Zakiuddin (RA), the 35 th Dai al Mutlaq, is the son of Syedna Ismail Badruddin (RA) and the grandson of Maulaya Raj, Moulaya Raj a learned astrologer, read the stars and foretold the destiny of his grandson: “He shall attain the rank of malik” (king).
In the year 1066 H., Syedna Badruddin (RA) performend nass on Syedna Zakiuddin (RA) who was then only 28 years of age. He was sent to Gujarat on Dawat accompanied by his son Syedna Musa Kalimuddin (RA). When he returned from Dawat, Syedna Badruddin (RA) renewed the nass. The education of Syedna Zakiuddin (RA) was conducted under the guidance and supervision of his esteemed father, who sent him to Ahmedbad to attend sabaq and receive directions from the Dai. Syedna Zakiuddin (RA) became Dai al Mutlaq in the year 1085 H. Dawat prospered and barakat was plentiful. In Nagar, when the droughts were harsh, Syedna (RA) ordered a spring to be dug, and water gushed out as high as the neck of a camel. It was named the spring of Ali and still exists today. But where there are great bounties, there are as many hardships. Syedna Zakiuddin (RA) protected mumineen from the heresies of non-believers and defended them against wrongful accusations. On many occasion, mumineen were misquoted, accused of heresy and unlawfully imprisoned. Tortured and tired by the unjust ruler, mumineen remained true to their vow of fealty to Syedna. On one such occasion, Syedna dispatched four men to the court of the emperor Aurungzed and demamded the release of the prisoners. The tyrant did not heed Syedna’s word and mumineen were executed.
Syedna (RA) endured attack on his person as well. Syedna was forced to leave Jahanabad for Nagar knowing that Al Ahdi, a heretic, had mobilized his troops for his capture. Al Ahdi arrived and broke into the house, but didn’t find Syedna. Syedna had managed to reach Nagar where he established the seat of dawat.
Undaunted by the threats of the conspirators, Syedna granted the request of the mumineen of Sidhpur to grace them with his presence. He arrived in Sidhpur on the 29 th of Zil Hijja. During the uprising, Syedi Khanji Feer, who kept the accounts of dawat, spent an amount of money in aid of dawat, but forget to keep record of the expenditure. Syedi Khanji Feer presented the accounts to Syedna when asked, but as the accounts were not in order Syedna reprimanded Syedi Khanji Feer. Later in the evening, Syedna was informed that Syedi Khanji Feer was waiting outside to beg forgivenees of Syedna, syedna forgave SyediKhanji feer and bestowed him with gifts and titles. Syedna perfomed nass on Syedna Musa Kalimuddin (RA) on the 15 th of Rabi ul Awal in the year 1091 H. He announced: “My son is my heir. Whoever obeys him, obeys me and Imam uz Zaman (SA), and whosoever disobeys him is fated to suffer in hell. Those here must convey to those who are not present that my son is the noble vicegerent of the Islam (SA).”
After being at the helm of dawat for 25 years, Syedna passed away in the year 1101 H. his urus Mubarak is on the 12 th of Zil Qada, and his Qabar Mubarak is in Jamnagar in Al Qubba Al Azima.

36th Dai-Al-Mutlaq Syedna Moosa Kalimuddin(R.A)
Date of 'Wafat'(Death) : 27th Rabi-Al-Akhar 997 AH.
Period of Dawat : 23 Years.

Syedna Moosa Kalimuddin (R.A) was born in 1057H, during the period of Syedna Ismail Badruddin (R.A) who admitted him in Dars at Ahmedabad for higher education. Syedna Moosa (R.A) attained knowledge from Syedi Khanji Fir Saheb (Q.R). On his return to Jamnagar Syedna Moosa (R.A) attained the eminent Rutba (rank) of Mazoon. He had the honour to serve his grandfather Syedna Ismail (R.A) and his father Syedna Abultayeb (R.A) and succeeded as Dai in 1101H. In semblance to the period of his father Syedna Abultayeb (R.A), his era was one of great hardships as the Mogul emperor of the time, Aurangzeb was one who possessed immense hatred for Mumineen due to deceitful propaganda by Munafiqeen.

Syedi Shaikh Adam Safiyuddin(QS)

Syedi Shaikh Adam Safiuddin (Q.R) was born during the period of Syedna Ismail Badruddin Saheb (R.A) and was sent by his father Syedna Ismail (R.A) to Ahmedabad for studies. He procured his education from Syedi Khanji Fir Saheb. Syedna Ismail (R.A) conferred him Haddiyat. Syedna Moosa (R.A) initially appointed Syedi Shaikh Adam (Q.R) as Mukasir and later elevated him as Mazoon but passed away in Shahrullahil Moazzam in 1110H.

Syedi Shaikh Adam (Q.R) had the honour to be appointed guardian and teacher of Syedna Nooruddin (R.A), son of Syedna Abdultayeb (R.A) and resembled Syedna Ali bin Maula Mohammed bin Waleed (R.A) in constancy and dedication. He was married to Fatema Baisaheba who expired in 1107H.

His devotion and loyalty ensued his progeny to serve five Duat Kiram (R.A) namely, Syedna Ismail Badruddin I (R.A), Syedna Abdultayeb Zakiuddin (R.A), Syedna Abdomusa Kalimuddin (R.A) Syedna Noor Mohammed Nooruddin (R.A) and Syedna Ismail Badruddin II (R.A). Syedi Shaikh Adam (Q.R) also attained much Uloom (knowledge) from Syedi Abdulqadir Hakimuddin (R.A).

He passed away during Syedna Kalimuddin's(RA) tenure on 6th Ramazan 1110 H.

Mazoon Syedi Sheikh Adam Safiyuddin(QS)

Mazoon Syedi Shaikh Adam (Q.R), the son of 39th Dai Syedna Abdultayeb Zakiuddin (R.A) was appointed as Mazoon by his revered father Syedna Abdultayeb (R.A). He had the rare honour to serve five Duat Kiram till the period of Syedna Tayyib Zainuddin (R.A). He passed away on 1st Rabiul-Avval 1252H.

Syedi Sheikh Feer Jamaluddin Bin Mohammed

With the raza of Syedna Hasan Badruddin (R.A), Syedi Sheikh Feer Jamaluddin (Q.R) proceeded to Dhangadhra and settled down there. Syedna Yusuf Najmuddin (R.A) later instructed him to stay in Jamnagar where Syedi Sheikh Feer (Q.R) constructed a magnificent Masjid. He was fortunate to perform Khidmat of seven Duat Kiram (R.A) - from the 20th Dai Syedna Hasan Badruddin to the 26th Dai Syedna Dawood bin Ajabsha Burhanuddin (R.A). He breathed his last in Jamnagar.

Exterior of Sheikh Feer Jamaluddin Saheb's Roza
Syeda Jowagiri baisaheba daughter of Syedi Sheikhfeer Saheb's qabr and chatri mubarak


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