Moulai Abdullah Saheb(QS), Moulai Ahmed Saheb and Kaka Akela, Kaki Akela
Urs Mubarak
Moulai Abdulah Saheb : 1st Muharram-al-Haraam
Moulai Ahmed Saheb : 16th Muharram-al-Haraam
Kaka Akela Saheb : 16th Safar-Ul-Muzaffar

Syedna Hatim(RA) has written that during the tenure of Imam Mustansir Billa(AS), Hind(The Indian sub-continent) was deprived of the knowledge of Ema'an. In Sind(Pakistan), Syedna Lamak Bin Malak Al Hamidi(RA) was educated by Syedi Moayed us-Shirazi. On the instructions of Imam Mustansir Billah (S.A) Maulai Abdullah (QR.), Maulai Ahmed (QR.) and Maulai Nooruddin (QR.) traveled to India from al- Qahera (Cairo).

Due to the onerous efforts of Maulai Abdullah (QR.), an entire sect in India converted to Ema'an. Syedi Khoj bin Malak (QR.) used to metaphorically mentioned that it was Maulai Abdullah (QR.) who initially sowed the seeds of Emaan in the lands of Gujarat, which is so rich in Ikhlas. Maulai Abdullah (QR.) on arriving in Khambat came across Kaka Akela (QR.) and Kaki Akela (QR.). It is mentioned in the pages of history that a well in the farm of Kaka Akela (QR.) and Kaki Akela (QR.) had dried up. Maulai Abdullah (QR.) performed a miracle and the dried well was full of water. Seeing this glory of Allah and his messenger, Kaka Akela (QR.) accompanied by Kaki Akela (QR) converted to Islam.

On a number of occasions Maulai Abdullah (QR.) and Maulai Ahmed (QR.) showed miracles. One of the most famous being the elephant suspended in air by magnets. Due to these miracles of Allah and his messengers, the Vazir of Raja Jailing, Bharmal and his brother all embraced Islam. A large number of people too came into the fold of Islam. Raja Bharmal and Raja Tarmal strove very hard to bring Dawat to greater heights.

Maulai Bharmal (QR.) was blessed with Maulai Yaqub (QR.), Maulai Ishaq (QR.), and Maulai Ali (QR.), - the Wali of Hind in his progeny. Maulai Bharmal (QR.) is also the forefather of Duat Badriyan (R.A). Maulai Tarmal (QR.) is the forefather of Syedi Fakhruddin Shaheed (QS), Syedna Mohammed Ezzuddin (RA) and Syedna Tayeb Zainuddin (RA)(both). Syedi Abdul Qadir Hakimuddin (QR.) in praise of Maulai Abdullah (QR.) and Maulai Ahmed (QR.) asserted that the movement of Islam soared in India and Pakistan only due to the efforts of both these Sahibs.


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